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Chute Feeder

Feeding size:205-300mm

Processing capacity:10.5-300t/h

Processible materials:all kinds of minerals and other mateirals.

Application range:ore beneficiation plant, coal industry and chemical engineering department.

Advantages:small size, light weight, compact structure and long service life.

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Chute feeder is a kind of feeding equipment which is earlier used in storage trough and it is suitable for the short-distance transport of metallic and non-metallic materials. Chute feeder is widely used in metallurgical, chemical, coal, mining, water conservancy and hydropower engineering department to send the massive and granular materials to various devices.

Features of Chute Feeder

1. The chute feeder can be not only set up on the ground, but also lifted on the discharge opening of the ore bin.

2. The chassis of the trough does the reciprocating movement, its frequency of stroke is 20-60 times / min and the stroke is 20-200mm. The stroke can be adjusted by the eccentric wheel to make proper adjustments and the eccentricity is the half of the stroke.

3. According to the production experience of some dressing plants, as for the cohesive ores, their eccentricity should not be less than 30 mm. The width of the cell body of chute feeder should be about 2-2.5 times of the maximum particle size of the feeding materials.

4. The largest chute feeder can meet the feeding of the ore whose granularity is less than 500mm.

Working Principle of Chute Feeder

There are many types of chute feeders which have the common ground. They are equipped with the adjustment flashboard that is used to control the height of material layer. Below the feeding trough, there is a piece of feeding plate, which can move back and forth. The different point among the various kinds of chute feeder is that the angle of the feeding plate is different. Generally, the angle will slop down 5 degree along the unloading direction or greater inclination angle (smaller than the static angle of repose of the material) or the horizontal type with zero angle. The moving form of the feeding plate includes reciprocating type, jitter type and swinging type.

Technical Data

Specification Capacity
Motor Power
600×500 10.5-25.5 4
980×1240 36-90 7.5
1000×1900 300 7.5
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