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What Factors will Influence the Flotation Process?

When using the flotation machine, we need to be careful about several elements that will influence its performance.

The surface action between the air and minerals is in alternative and the main factor that has much effect on the mineral surface is oxygen. When the minerals are broken with new surfaces, they will perform hydration action with water. When the air is absorbed on the surface of the minerals, the hydration effect will be reduced.

The oxygen has great influence on the hydrophobic property of the sulfide ores. If the action takes quite a long time, it will make the mineral surface become hydrophilic. When the condition is just right for the air adsorption, it will provide good environment for the flotation process without adding flotation agent such as the dry coal dust.

What’s more, we should learn about the brief working principle of the flotation machine. The impellor of the flotation machine is driven to rotate by the motor triangle belt and forms a negative pressure by the centrifugal effect. On the one hand, the machine sucks enough air to mix with the ore pulp; on the other hand, the ore pulp will be blended with the mineral agent. The materials will float to the surface of the ore pulp and will become the mineralized foam. Then we should adjust the height of the shutter to control the liquid level and finally remove the foam by the scrape blade.

Knowing factors influencing the flotation process, we can improve the flotation efficiency and reduce the flotation cost.

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