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Coal Mill and Superfine Mill are Different in Workflow

The coal mill and the super fine mill are both grinding machines popular on the market. However, they are quite different in their workflow or working principles.

When the wind sweeping coal mill works, materials are fed by the feed device to the charging equipment of the mill and at the same time the hot air with the temperature of 300 degree will enter the charging device via the blast pipe.

In the drying cabin, there is a specially made lifting blade which can raise the raw coal to be dried with the exchange of heat. The dried materials enter the powder grinding cabin through the double layer separating board.

There is a grinding body installed in the cabin and the coal briquette will be crushed and ground to powder. Then the specialized induced draft fan will bring the crushed coal powder and air out from the mill via the discharging device and the coarse particles will return to the powder grinding cabin through the reverting spiral device for deep grinding.

coal mill

When the superfine mill runs, the bulk materials are first crushed by the jaw crusher and then conveyed by the bucket elevator to the storage hopper.

Then materials are transported to the main grinding room uniformly and continuously to be ground. The ground material powders are raised along the air flow of the draught fan and then are separated by the analytical engine. The powder with the required fineness will enter the bypass dust collector along with the air flow and then are discharged out of the powder valve.

The whole air flow system is a negative pressure closed recirculation and the air flow is absorbed into the centrifugal induced draft fan through the upper return duct of the bypass dust collector, which guarantees the environment protection and hygiene of the production field.

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