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How can Users Maintain the Flotation Separator?

Being similar with many other mining machines, the performance and working life of the flotation separator or flotation cell depends on the daily maintenance.

All parts of the flotation machine need to be inspected carefully at least in three to four months and during the early working period of the equipment, users should make frequent inspection and all these work needs to be completed by skillful staff.

flotation machine

According to our experts, there are many details hiding in the daily operating process of the flotation machine. Here we will list several tips for customers and hope they will be helpful for their later practice.

1.Generally, we used to store the entire set of wear parts in the warehouse in case that the worn parts need to be replaced in such a short time. Based on different situations, we can decide the service life and reserve of the wear parts of the flotation machine.

2.All staff operating the flotation cell should be well trained by the professional technicians and they must be quite familiar with the whole working principle and operational directions of the flotation separator.

3.To prevent dirt or other useless things from dropping into the oil, there should be a filter installing inside the equipment. When the flotation machine works, its oil cover should be sealed.

4.Checkout should be made before starting the machine and the smooth connection between the early or late procedures should also be guaranteed.

5.Once the flotation machine is started, its rotating parts mustn’t be touched by users.

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