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Current Maintenance is Essential for Jaw Crushers

It’s been proved that proper and usual maintenance will prolong the service life of mining machines like jaw crushers. So what on earth shall we do to manage the maintenance work?

jaw crusher

First, we should take care of the regular inspection of the jaw crusher. When the jaw crusher is left unused for a long time, it should be started up and checked regularly. Actually, in the daily operating process of jaw crushers, it’s also necessary for us to check every tiny components of the equipment. Through the complete inspection, we can be aware of the wear condition of all parts and then make timely replacement.

Second, it’s very important for users to do well in the parts lubricating work. To lubricate mining machines is essential in our daily operating life. Prompt lubricating work for the wear parts of the jaw crusher will lead to the normal performance of the equipment and also be helpful to prolong the crusher’s service life. When choosing the lubricant oil, we need to consider the working field and working temperature of the jaw crusher. The oil should be changed every three month. Before changing the lubricant, it’s a must to clean the bearings and bearing pedestal with clean petrol or kerosene. Moreover, before starting the jaw crusher, we should also add lubricant oil into the contact point of the bracket and bracket cushion.

Last, it shouldn’t be ignored to do regular inspection of the corollary equipment of the whole production line. For the jaw crusher, the main support equipment will be belt conveyor. The performance of belt conveyor will have much influence on the jaw crusher’s service life.

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