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Main Problems in the Development Process of Mining Machinery Industry

As the saying goes, no gold is pure and no one is perfect. This is an unchanging truth, as there is no perfect thing in the world, nor perfect industry. Any industry has its advantages and disadvantages, so is mining machinery industry. In the development process of mining machinery industry, there are existing somehow problems. Next the experts from Hongxing Machinery will give a detailed explanation to this question.

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First of all, we need to understand the position and importance of mining machinery industry in economy.

Mining machinery manufacturing industry is the foundation of our country to build an independent industrial system and is a pillar industry of the economy, and it has a great influence on national development. With the development of urbanization and the construction of high-speed railway, highway, nuclear power plant and security housing and the increasing investment of water conservancy project, the market demands for mining machinery will be higher and higher.

Based on the great importance of the mining machinery industry, analyzing the problems in its development process and some achievements deserving popularization and application becomes a question that every mining machinery manufacturing company has to consider. Taking broad view of the development of this industry, the main problems are as follows:

(1) As the capacity is expanding too fast in recent years, some companies constantly upgrade the sales means or market excessively to pursue economic benefits and realize fast development. Improper operation seriously upsets the development order of the market.

(2) In the development process, some companies do not pay attention to the introduction of advanced technology, lack independent innovation ability and do not form independent brand and technology, but just blindly rely on counterfeiting and imitating. This method may bring economic benefits, but continuous development trough will absolutely follow. Companies must establish independent brand and patent technology to stand firm in the domestic and foreign mining machinery industry.

(3) Mining machinery is not green and energy-saving enough. In the design process, the designers do not consider the disposal and costs of discard parts, nor whether these parts will cause environment pollution.

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