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Iron Ore Concentrator

Ore beneficiation technology is the science and technology based on physics, chemistry and biology and other disciplines, and it’s divided based on the features and exist forms of selected minerals. Physical methods of ore beneficiation include common mineral washing, screening, re-electing, magnetic separation, etc.; while chemical beneficiation methods refer to the flotation technology of changing and leaching the nature differences of mineral surface by chemical agents; and biological method is like bacteria oxidation. Commonly used methods of mechanical manganese are ore beneficiation (including washing, screening, re-electing, high-intense magnetic separation and flotation), as well as fire enrichment, chemical processing and other methods. In a word, ore beneficiation technology is the technical methods to select useful substances in ores.

iron ore concentrator

Ore beneficiation can reduce smelting or fuel in other processing, transportation and other consumption, and improve the low-grade ore to use. There are many ore beneficiation ways, and ore beneficiation methods are different according to the ore content of mine, ore location, and different ore storage methods. Therefore, customers can choose to transport ores to ore beneficiation plant or do the extraction during the mining.
There are gravity separation, flotation separation, magnetic separation, electrostatic separation, etc. can be used for separating the ores after crushing and grinding according to different physical and chemical properties of different minerals and ores. Ore beneficiation can separate useful minerals and gangue minerals, and make a variety of symbiotic and useful minerals be separated, and remove or reduce the harmful impurities as much as possible, so as to obtain the desired ores or other industrial materials.

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