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Fly Ash can be Recycled with the Use of Raymond Mill

With the development of science and technology, people have increasingly consumed natural resources, and accordingly have increasingly produced more waste materials. The solid waste includes industrial waste, agricultural waste and urban waste. Most of these waste materials can be directly or indirectly used as building materials to save natural resources and reduce environment pollution and fly ash is one of the waste materials that can be recycled and reused.

Raymond mill

Fly ash is a kind of industrial residue discharged by the thermal power plant and is pozzolanic active material. It has a relatively high content of active silica and activated aluminium oxide which will have chemical reaction with calcium hydroxide in room temperature to produce stable tobermorite and hydrated calcium aluminate, and such component is conducive to the hardening of the compound materials and increase their strength. In addition, fly ash is spherical melt powder and the particles are glass like. The highway projects use fly ash for road paving, which can not only turn the waste materials into treasure and reduce the pollution, but solve the shortage of road paving materials and improve the quality of the road surface, so that it is widely used.

The wide application of fly ash in various projects makes the indispensable powder grinding equipment of processing fly ash-Raymond mill warmly favored by the fly ash factories. During many years of practice and improvement, Hongxing Machinery has endowed Raymond mill with unique advantages in the aspect of design and production and its structure is increasingly improved. When grinding fly ash, as this machine has a vertical structure with strong systematicness, it constitutes an independent production system. The fineness of the final products is even, which cannot easily reached by other grinding machines. In addition, this machine has the advantages of little powder dust pollution, low noise, small size, easy control and convenient maintenance, so that it becomes the optimal choice for the recycling of waste materials.

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